Story in the Sky

The sun smiled at the moon,

The moon winked at the sun

It seems that their love story had quickly begun.


Captured by the night, a slave to the day,

When the one would go, the other would stay.

A bittersweet love struck by a minute in the sky

Leaving pain and mourning and a pocketful of sighs.


The sun, with tears in her eyes and a glimmer of hope

The moon brought her a silver lining to help her cope

He wrapped her tight and with his comfort of sound

He whispered to her  words he’d finally found

“Your paper heart is safe with me. Sunshine, hello.

Walking on stars and clouds, away we’ll go”.


Now the sky is neither black or blue, dark nor light

Just an eclipse of colour that shows the lover’s plight.



2 thoughts on “Story in the Sky

  1. Very very very nice!!! it sent my heart a flutter!! lol I exagerate but seriously the composition and the fact that the moon and sun never get to share the sky together apart from the eclipse…ol’ Billy Shakes would be proud!

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