IF: Suspend

The word for this week’s IF is suspend. Made me think of how awesome it would be to be able to fly (WHY can’t we fly yet?! Where are our hoverboards! Cumaaaaan!). Just think, you could just hover & be suspended hundreds of metres above the world. Plus, he’s a dragon. Everyone loves dragons


8 thoughts on “IF: Suspend

  1. Is he the existential Puff, the magic dragon? The thought that preceded the idea that preceded the metaphysical that preceded the corporeal manifestation of an ordinary garden lizard that often mused to itself “of how awesome it would be to be able to fly”
    It’d be able to get as close to the sun as was possible and bask even more in its shimmering glow.
    Unfortunately, lost in its musings, it did not notice the cat take a swipe at it until the last moment… and that was the end of its tale… or was it tail?
    Tails grow back so the loss wasn’t that great.
    “Hmmmm mused the garden lizard a few days later, flicking its freshly regrown tail backwards and forth… thinking about wings …

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