Little Nat

My name is Natheefah Maroof. But you can call me Nat.

I’m 23 years young and graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2010 with a degree in graphic design. Yes, I had to wear an ugly oversized gown that makes me look like a fat judge, but it was worth it, because now I get to do what I love and get paid for it. Well, most times.

I am loud. I am friendly. I am obsessed with cupcakes, children’s storybooks, design and people I love. I love the sun, I love laughing and I love the beach.
I like talking. A lot. Sometimes to people. Sometimes to myself. This is because I think interacting with people is super important because you can learn so many things ABOUT so many things, just by chatting.
As a graphic designer I obviously have a penchant for design and illustration. I’m into designing creative pieces that incoporate copy, typography and illustration, often using mixed media. More often than not my designs have a playful, hand-rendered quality to them, which I really dig. I don’t take myself too seriously as a designer just because I generally gravitate towards lighter, more playful design.
So in general, be nice to me, and I’ll be nice to you. In fact, throw in a cupcake and a Tim Burton/Will Ferrell movie and I’ll be even nicer. So let’s be friends ok? Ok.

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