I’ve Moved!!




Just coasting









It’s official. Wedding season in Cape Town has officially flounced it’s way in to everyone’s schedules! I am a big fan of marriage. Even more so when it’s one of my friends who decides to tie the knot. This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating one such friend’s wedding. For a while now I’ve been wanting to try a small, but cute DIY project and this wedding presented me with the perfect opportunity – make em some coasters as a gift!

After some scamping, paint testing, paint-stained fingernails and late nights, my determination paid off & I was the proud designer of 6 pretty simple coasters. This friend is a fashion designer, so I knew that even if she hated my design, she’d be able to appreciate the creative effort & process (AND FUN!) that went it to making them.

So, who’s getting married next? I may try & go bigger. Next…PLACEMATS. DUM DUM DUM!

The Ram


About a year ago, I was commissioned to illustrate a series of drawings  for a popular fashion magazine here in South Africa. This was one of the first “scamps” or “attempts” I made at trying to capture the spirit of fashion…and a ram. I meant to post it such a long time ago, but here you go. Personally, I love it a lot because it was a style that, at the time, I was just beginning to explore. Plus, mess with her and she’ll ram you. Get it? Because horns and…agh, never mind.


Monster friend


It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted. Admittedly I had a bit of “illustrator’s Block” (is that a thing?) Anyway, I think it’s gone now. And this is the result 🙂


IF: Hitched…again

Little dirty flower girl

The word last week for Illustration Friday was hitched. And as I explained in my previous post, I really wanted to try something different. That said, this idea popped in to my head as well: everyone takes note of the couple when they get hitched, but the flower girls are the most entertaining. They always end up looking disheveled and dirty and get distracted so easily. I though this was a fun representation of that. Plus, she was inspired by my good friend’s niece.


IF: Hitched

blushing brideThis is a completely new style of illustration for me, which was a little daunting. The word hitched drummed up ideas of sweet, demure brides, all dressed up in lace, exuding innocence. And I guess this is what I tried to bring across in the illustration. Thus the change in style. Here’s to trying something new yeah?