"Little Red choc chip cookies"

this is an illustration for a fictional cookie aimed at kids. the idea was to used mixed media to create an advertisement using well-known nursery rhyme or fairytales, but with a twist. the image somehow had to deviate front the original story to be something fun, but still recognizable to kids.

"Inka, Feleo and Bokkie"

mascots that could possibly be used for the 2010 world cup. i’m sure zakumi’s cool, but come on, he looks asian!

"Aunt Pearl"

the idea was to create a weird and macabre family album and family members using collage.


it was really cool to do this project, especially coz i have a sweet spot for collage. i mean, this chick you see here is in actual fact an old tech colleague of mine. i altered her face till it was (almost) beyond recognition.


6 thoughts on “illustration

  1. something about aunt pearl, didn’t take me a while
    something about aunt pearl, that mysterious smile,
    something about aunt pearl, like I’ve seen it before
    then again, could just be my imagination, where’s the door

  2. Wow i never realised how talented you are…love your illustrations and I can some how feel you in them šŸ™‚

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