IF: Lost

This is an illustration that I started working on a while back. A character & style that I’d really like to explore some more & develop into an actual story/book. Her name you ask? Mia Kapiya (what? I like rhymes ok). So when this week’s word was lost, I thought she was quite appropriate & finally finished her.


IF: Suspend

The word for this week’s IF is suspend. Made me think of how awesome it would be to be able to fly (WHY can’t we fly yet?! Where are our hoverboards! Cumaaaaan!). Just think, you could just hover & be suspended hundreds of metres above the world. Plus, he’s a dragon. Everyone loves dragons

IF: Secret

The word this week was secret. And this image came to mind. I am a cake fiend. And I guess this little girl is a perfect representation when I don’t want to share my treats and I hide and eat them in secret. Whaaaaat? Sometimes you just don’t share cake 🙂


IF: Shiny

“Do NOT touch!!!” yelled her mother, as she reached for the bright, shiny crown. She just wanted to try it on for a little while…blegh!

This was a quick illustration that came to mind. One I spent very little time on. Thought the simple black and white vibe worked well.


IF: Faded

“And just like the photographs, the memory of little Majorie Blake faded, eventually to be forgotten


IF: Sight

I’m only ever so slightly obsessed with pirates. And this guy has been roaming around in my head for a while. So I figured, why not bring him to life for Illustration Friday? Meet Captain Korallius


IF: Kernel

With the word being kernel for this week’s IF, the first thing that popped (see what I did there? HA!) to mind was popcorn (personal favourite!) and corn on the cob. As I was drawing, I saw the King from a deck of cards on my desk and this sort of happened – A “King Kernel Playing Card”, a mish mash of the two. Hope you like.