Just coasting









It’s official. Wedding season in Cape Town has officially flounced it’s way in to everyone’s schedules! I am a big fan of marriage. Even more so when it’s one of my friends who decides to tie the knot. This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating one such friend’s wedding. For a while now I’ve been wanting to try a small, but cute DIY project and this wedding presented me with the perfect opportunity – make em some coasters as a gift!

After some scamping, paint testing, paint-stained fingernails and late nights, my determination paid off & I was the proud designer of 6 pretty simple coasters. This friend is a fashion designer, so I knew that even if she hated my design, she’d be able to appreciate the creative effort & process (AND FUN!) that went it to making them.

So, who’s getting married next? I may try & go bigger. Next…PLACEMATS. DUM DUM DUM!